Italian English Translator specialising in medical, pharmaceutical and chemical translations from Italian to English

Italian English Translations

Medicine :: Pharmacy :: Chemistry

10 years’ previous experience in British and European chemical industry. Member of Royal Society of Chemistry.

Providing consultancy services in medical English (revisions of English texts and documents, translations from Italian to English, delivery of presentations) to universities, public institutes and multinational pharmaceutical companies since 1999.

Areas of specialisation include:

Chemical: MSDS; Internal quality control procedures; GMP; Standardised test procedures

Medical: Translation and revision of articles published in various international medical journals; Medical records

Pharmaceutical: Clinical trials: EC/IRB opinions; ICF/patient information sheets; Hospital-Sponsor/CRO contracts; SAE/SUSAR; Discharge extracts; Ministry of Health-Hospital-Sponsor/CRO correspondence

Drugs: Package inserts/product information leaflets; Promotional material

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