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We’re Not Worthy!

I’ve already mentioned that Alice is one of my absolute favourite rock stars. Yesterday was my lucky day: I got to see him live, at the Atlantico in Rome.

It was quite simply the best concert I have ever been to in my life. He was awesome.

He opened with The Black Widow, then after a newish one which I can’t remember went on to classics including Muscle Of Love, Under My Wheels, I’m 18, No More Mr Nice Guy, Billion Dollar Babies, Cold Ethyl, Only Women Bleed… there was a new song, I’ll Bite your Face Off, plus a few from his later era: Hey Stoopid, Poison, Feed My Frankenstein, Wicked Young Man, and one which I was quite proud of being seemingly the only person there able to sing along to: Clones (We’re All), from the album Flush The Fashion. Then there was School’s Out, performed in a brilliantly successful medley with Another Brick In The Wall (part 2). Read more »

Alice Cooper and My Rock Monsters

Yesterday I caught Alice Cooper’s Rock Monsters on MTV. Being a bit of a rock chick and an Alice fan to boot, I settled down to enjoy a bit of head banging.
I was sorely disappointed. Now, it’s true I only tuned it at around #38 (a young, young, young Iron Maiden with Number of the Beast), so maybe all the acts I’m about to name check were included in the dozen or so I missed. But no White Stripes / Dead Weather (or anything else Jack White’s ever laid his hands on)? No System of a Down? No Marilyn Manson? No PJ Harvey? Not even any Rolling Stones or The Who? How is that even possible? Read more »

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