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Yep, I’ve dusted off the cobwebs and cat fur festooning this blog to bring you some amazing news.

Several years ago I thought it might be a good idea to do the Institute of Linguists’ Level 7 Diploma in Translation. This is a Master’s level qualification, so quite a big deal, although really I  just wanted a nice piece of paper to wave at people if they asked about my translation credentials. I even took a preparation course. It was bad timing, though – it was the year I got married, and what with the planning and the endless parties I didn’t really have time to concentrate on the course or book the exam. And so I put it off, and put it off, and put it off again.

But the thought stayed with me, and about a year ago I thought, why not finally do this thing. So I did another preparation course, actually booked the exam and, without telling anyone (husband and close friends excepted), I took it in January.

And yesterday I got the results.

Paper 1 (the general paper, and normally a stinker): Merit.

Paper 2 (semi-specialised, technology): Distinction.

Paper 3 (semi-specialised, science): Merit.

In congratulating me, the owner of the company through which I did my preparation course wrote: “Passing all three units in a single session is a remarkable achievement, and your grades are really outstanding!”

Oh, yeah. I AM the man.

Merry festival of conspicuous consumption and overeating

Just popping in to say I’m still here, busily translating away for you all. My silence (prompting one recent prospective client to wonder if I were still in business) is merely due to a lack of things to say, unless I wanted to turn this into a half-hearted music blog. Tempting, but I think not.

So Merry Christmas, everyone. Raise a glass for me.

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