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Alice Cooper and My Rock Monsters

Yesterday I caught Alice Cooper’s Rock Monsters on MTV. Being a bit of a rock chick and an Alice fan to boot, I settled down to enjoy a bit of head banging.
I was sorely disappointed. Now, it’s true I only tuned it at around #38 (a young, young, young Iron Maiden with Number of the Beast), so maybe all the acts I’m about to name check were included in the dozen or so I missed. But no White Stripes / Dead Weather (or anything else Jack White’s ever laid his hands on)? No System of a Down? No Marilyn Manson? No PJ Harvey? Not even any Rolling Stones or The Who? How is that even possible? Read more »

And now for something completely different

When I first created the blog attached to my website, my intention was to post interesting snippets about clinical trials and pharmaceuticals and my comments on them. “The world already has hundreds of blogs about translating,” I thought, “and several of them are actually worth reading! No, I’m going to blog about my clients’ world, not mine.”

Good intentions and all that, but really, who has the time? And who would bother reading it anyway? The last 15 months or so have made it clear that the only ones reading my very sporadic words of wisdom are me, the occasional friend and Google’s crawler. (OK, cause and effect may well be involved, I don’t write anything, so nobody reads it, so I’m not encouraged to write anything, yadda yadda.) What’s more, there are already very many blogs dedicated to doing exactly what I intended to do, and they’re better informed and better connected. Read more »

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