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How I got here

I left school aged 16, sick of education, but having quite enjoyed playing around with copper sulphate crystals in my chemistry lessons. [Yes, I know IUPAC says it’s sulfate, and I will use sulfate if you so insist, but that ph is so much more elegant, don’t you think?]

After a summer of impoverished freedom, I started a YTS as a laboratory trainee at Metal Box (British readers over a certain age will know what I mean: for the benefit of any others, it was a government scheme which legalised the exploitation of school leavers/a well-meaning attempt to combat the growing numbers of unskilled youths, depending on your political leanings). I soon discovered that the world didn’t owe me a living, or indeed any special consideration, but my continued resistance to education resulted in my parting ways with the company at the end of my 12-month stint.

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