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How did I become a translator?

The accidental translator

a) I was born into a bilingual family: having absorbed two languages from the cradle, translating seemed like a natural career.

b) I had a crush on my Italian teacher at school, which gradually developed into a passion for the language and a desire to work with it.

c) I studied something else altogether, went off and had a career in that, met an Italian, fell in love, moved to Italy, learned the language and the rest is history.

How I work

There are two main schools of thought on translation. The first adheres to the “faithful rendition” theory, also known as GIGO (garbage in, garbage out).
The second believes that the translator’s tasks include improving on the original: correcting errors, rearranging sentences and even paragraphs if necessary, smoothing out awkward phrases, generally making the translation a thing of wondrous beauty.

I believe in asking you what you want (although in many cases I will cockily assume I know what you want). Read more »

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